Broken Caterpillar CD by Dan Rein

Improvisations for Iranian setar and percussion

Broken Caterpillar is a collaboration of Dan Rein (setar and electronic effects) and Chris Gray (percussion)

1. WRENCH · 14:17

the hell is that
damn tool.
Whenever I need it,
it is not there.
My father
gave me
two tool boxes
full of every kind of wrench
I would ever need in my life.
in order to get these wheels moving
I need to loosen a few notes,
a few nuts that hold on these regulators.
They are tight.
As soon as I disconnect one,
another one appears.
Try this one.

2. GETTING LEVEL · 11:30

So much time
is spent off kilter.
Off balance,
not looking straight
into the eye.

3. CONFINEMENT · 19:06

there was a fence.
then four walls.
the walls
keep inching
and closer.
The pandemic.
Do not, do not, do not!
No matter how close the walls close in,
They cannot contain wings we grow.

Broken Caterpillar CD by Dan Rein
Broken Caterpillar

From the bits, pieces,
and leftovers
of everyday
From stretched skins,
and attached strings,
What will emerge?
What will take wing
from the cocoon?

Broken Caterpillar CD by Dan Rein
  • Produced by Dan Rein, Chris Gray and Reid Kruger
  • Recorded, mixed and mastered by Reid Kruger at Waterbury Sounds
  • Caterpillar collage Dan Rein
  • Graphic Design Rockford Mjos

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