The Alchemist - CD by Dan Rein

Three poems written and created in the long dark winter nights.

Each winter I hibernate and sink into the dark,
drifting into unexplored corners.
These poems are a result of this search.
One poem each winter.

The percussion instruments are assembled from years of accumulation and the leftovers of other projects.

All tracks performed by Dan Rein.

  1. Returning Dream 10:06
  2. The Journey 15:06
  3. The Alchemist* 15:15
  • Music and Poetry: Dan Rein and *Omar Khayyam
  • Sounds: Voice, setar, dutar, bones, driftwood, daf, sawblade, nut shells, rhubarb stalks, bolts and assorted junk.
  • Producer, Recording, Editing and Mastering: Dan Rein
  • Cover Drawing: Dan Rein
  • Graphic design: Rockford Mjos

Contact: Dan Rein > [email protected]

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The Alchemist - CD by Dan Rein
The Alchemist - CD by Dan Rein